The Youth Representative Group, or the YRG, was established to ensure that the Y Canberra Region is delivering on its strategic plan with particular focus on having children and young people at top of mind.

To be authentic to our belief on the power of inspired young people, we wanted to give an opportunity for them to have a seat at the decision making table. Not tokenistic but embedded in to our governance, the YRG are going to be a critical element of an intentional intergenerational leadership framework which will only make us better at delivering our mission and purpose.

The YRG’s role is to give feedback to the senior leaders and the Y Canberra Region Board, offering suggestions and proposals on how children and young people may be better considered and contribute to the intergenerational leadership of the organisation.

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Become a Youth Representative

Anyone who works for the Y Canberra Region and is aged between 18-30 can join the YRG.

The role of the YRG is to consult on new programs and initiatives of the Y Canberra Region, and bring the voice of youth and intergenerational leadership to each new initiative.

All you need is some enthusiasm and a drive to help create real change within our organisation. This is a chance to make your voice heard and ensure that the Y Canberra Region is truly delivering on its mission to inspire and empower young people.

What do you get? A chance to have a voice at Board and Governance level, real experience giving opinion on matters embedded into the Y Canberra Region, and a chance to work with other like-minded young people!

Inspired to come on this journey with us? Leave your details in our Expression of Interest Form below and we will get in touch!

2022 Key Events

Sustainability Policy

Aligning with the World YMCA 2030 Vision, the YRG has chosen to focus on the Sustainability Pillar and support the Y Canberra Region in embedding sustainability principles and practices. The YRG team will be looking at creating a policy to create a wave of change through the Y Canberra Region and encourage all of our Y People to be sustainability change-makers!

Examples of what the team is looking at is dedicated recycling, soft plastic bins, reducing paper consumption across the Y, and reusing our old uniforms to give them a new life and keep them out of landfill.

Sustainability Audits

Further focussing on the Sustainability Pillar, the YRG are wanting to create a framework on doing Sustainability Audits of all of our sites, services and locations to see what measures can be improved, implemented and continued to assist in meeting our sustainability goals.
These audits may also include beginning the process of getting the Y Canberra Region certified with an ACT Smart Accreditation.

Clean Up Australia Day

Clean Up Australia Day is on the 6th of March, and this year the YRG will be leading the Y Canberra Region’s involvement. The focus of the day is to prevent rubbish from entering our environment, and creating practical solutions to help us live and operate more sustainably every day of the year.

Meet the Members

Our Youth Representative Group is run by youth, for youth.
We are run by a group of Y Canberra Region employees who are young, passionate, quirky and enthusiastic about bringing youth voice to our organisation!

Hannah (She/Her)
YRG Co-Chair & ELC Director

Hannah has been working at the Y Canberra Region for over 3 years, and working specifically with children in education and care for over 5 years.
Hannah grew up in Oregon, USA, making the move to Australia permanently in 2018. She is passionate about providing children and young people the support and opportunities to have a voice and make change.
When Hannah is not inspiring and empowering children, or providing opportunity for youth, you’ll find her exercising her love of travel (thanks COVID), reading a good book, or spending time with her fur-child, Ziggy.

YRG Co-Chair & Exercise Physiologist

With a Degree in Exercise Physiology and a clinical interest in Neurological Rehabilitation, Dylan is extremely passionate about providing opportunities for everyone to have access to safe, effective and affordable exercise with particular emphasis on providing this to our more vulnerable community members.
Dylan is also passionate about providing a voice for youth, which ultimately drove him to be part of the YRG.
When it gets cold, you’ll find Dylan seeking mountains to ski down, or on warmer days he’ll be at the coast or on his bike.

Maddi (She/Her)
YRG Member & Recruitment Advisor

With a love for helping others grow and meet their goals, Maddi joined the Y Canberra Region in early 2021 as the Recruitment Advisor. After grinding through half a degree in psychology, she found her feet and completed a Bachelor of Human Resource Management.
Maddi’s main goal as a YRG member is to strengthen the Y’s connection with Indigenous youth and communities, all while continuing to educate herself on the topic.
If she isn’t wrapped up in the world of recruitment, you’ll find Maddi binging some (questionable) reality TV, cooking delicious food, or cuddling her 2 dogs, Cleo and Bentley.

Emily (She/Her)
YRG Member & ELC Director

Emily is one of our ELC Directors. She grew up in a small country town, but seeking more, she moved to Canberra and started her career with the Y in 2016.
Emily lived in Europe for 2 years and in that time travelled to 17 countries. She gained insight, experience and realised how fortunate she was to have grown up how she did. She brings this passion for youth empowerment to the YRG.
Emily spends her weekends away, preferably where there is no phone service and somewhere near the water.

YRG Member & OSHC Coordinator

Joining the Y Canberra Region as an Assistant Educator in November 2016, Libby has worked in OSHC ever since. She has a background in psychology and is passionate about fostering and nurturing the growth and development of children and young people.
An avid introvert, Libby can be found with animals, in the gym or re-watching her favourite shows and movies!
Libby is a strong believer that young people may lack the confidence to create change but they do not lack the ability and she is passionate to empower and enable that through the YRG.

YRG Member & Project Administrator

After grinding through over 3 years of the cut-throat competition of Investment Management in India, Sanyukta decided that it was time for a new adventure (and existential crisis), with a move to Australia and an opportunity to pursue her Masters in Project Management!
This helped her land her role with the Risk and Innovation Team at the Y Canberra Region.
Sanyukta thrives on getting the best out of people and projects, with special attention to risk management.
When she’s not delivering kick-ass projects, you’ll find Sanyukta making travel plans, discovering new foods and learning her favourite ways to make Australia home.

YRG Member & Group Operations Manager

Sarah is our Group Operations Manager (Acting) for Accommodation. She has worked in the hospitality industry for over 10 years with a focus on corporate hotels.
Sarah has a passion for living a healthy lifestyle. Currently studying her Bachelor of Health Science in Exercise and Nutrition, she hopes to be able to contribute to a healthier Australian population in the future by educating others in this area.
When Sarah isn’t at work or studying, you’ll find her checking out new restaurants, cooking up a storm, or doing anything active – hiking, walking, gym sessions and more!

What does the YRG do?

The YRG is a team for young people, by young people. We provide oversight of youth affairs, youth strategy and organisational engagement of young people. We provide advice and recommendations to the Board of Directors of projects and programs that impact young people.

The YRG is here to ensure that we are empowering and inspiring our young people and delivering on our mission and strategies.

Who runs the YRG?

The YRG team falls into the Youth and Community Engagement business unit. The team reports to the CEO and the Board of Directors, and is overseen by a Chair, elected by the YRG.

What are my commitments when joining the YRG?

Be under 30 at the time of appointment.
Observe the Deed of Confidentiality.
Commit to 2 hours per week. This includes projects, research and fortnightly meetings.
Consult on new programs and initiatives being reviewed or established.
Ensure you are a voice for youth in the Y Canberra community.

How often do YRG members meet?

Formally, the team meets for an hour, every second Friday.

How can I apply to join?

Just submit an Expression of Interest form (you can find this at the bottom of this webpage), and we will let you know when there is an opening available!


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