Our young people are our “why”

To be authentic to our belief on the power of inspired young people, we wanted to give an opportunity for them to have a seat at the decision making table. Not tokenistic but embedded in to our governance, the YRG are going to be a critical element of an intentional intergenerational leadership framework which will only make us better at delivering our mission and purpose – to build a better world, with and for young people.

We are the oldest and largest youth organisation in the world, and we believe that the young people here in the Canberra Region deserve to be empowered and inspired, have their voices heard and have opportunities to grow.

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Become a Youth Representative

Anyone who works for the Y Canberra Region and is aged between 18-30 can join the YRG.

The role of the YRG is to consult on the Y Canberra Region’s Strategic Plan, relevant policies and procedures, programs and initiatives. All with a focus on young people.

The YRG is here to give young people a voice and leadership opportunities, so if you are enthusiastic about creating genuine change and driving real social impact, we invite you to pull up a seat at our table!

When you’re part of the Youth Representative Group, you have the chance to provide your thoughts, comments and feelings at a management, board and governance level. You are given the opportunity to consult on relevant matters that have an impact on the youth in the broader Canberra community, and you will get the chance to upskill and gain mentorship opportunities, attend events and work across business units with other like-minded young people.

Inspired to come on this journey with us? Leave your details in our Expression of Interest Form below and we will get in touch!

Timeline of Events

  • Consulted with World YMCA and Y Australia on the Global Strategy 2030;
  • Part of the youth representation delegation at the 20th YMCA World Council in Denmark;
  • Lead the Y Canberra Region in an organisation-wide Clean Up Australia Day for the past 2 years;
  • Youth delegates attending the first Circular Economy Symposium in Canberra, networking with local Carbon Neutral businesses;
  • Conducted energy audits at all Y Canberra sites and services;
  • Got all Y Canberra Early Learning Centres Accredited through the ACT Government’s Business Recycling Program;
  • Provided Governance training opportunities to all YRG members through the Australian Institute of Company Directors;
  • As a group and an organisation, we were nominated for the Sustainable Business Awards with the ACT Government in 2022; and
  • Prepared and presented the Y Canberra Region’s Sustainability Policy and Sustainability Action Plan

What does the YRG do?

The YRG is a team for young people, by young people. We provide oversight of youth affairs, youth strategy and organisational engagement of young people. We provide advice and recommendations to the Board of Directors of projects and programs that impact young people.

The YRG is here to ensure that we are empowering and inspiring our young people and delivering on our mission and strategies.

Who runs the YRG?

The YRG team falls into the Brand and Youth Voice business area. The team reports to the CEO and the Board of Directors, and is overseen by a Chair, elected by the YRG.

What are my commitments when joining the YRG?

Be under 30 at the time of appointment.
Observe the Deed of Confidentiality.
Commit to 2 hours per week. This includes projects, research and fortnightly meetings.
Consult on new programs and initiatives being reviewed or established.
Ensure you are a voice for youth in the Y Canberra community.

How often do YRG members meet?

Formally, the team meets fortnightly.

How can I apply to join?

Just submit an Expression of Interest form (you can find this at the bottom of this webpage), and we will let you know when there is an opening available!

Connect with Us

The simplest way to connect with us is via email:

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