RAID (Recreational Activities for People with Intellectual Disability) basketball is a program for people with an intellectual disability. It provides participants with an opportunity to be part of a sporting team and to enjoy not only the game itself but the friendship, pride and confidence that come from being part of a team. The YMCA RAID program has been running since 1984 and some of our participants have been involved for over 20 of those years.

Participants are welcome to attend for the duration of the evening to watch and support players in the other game.

Looking to get involved? If you are interested in participating, volunteering or sponsoring our RAID program please contact us at

RAID operates in partnership with Radford College in Bruce ACT.

When: Wednesdays during term
Times: 6:30pm beginners, 7:30pm advanced

About RAID

About RAID Basketball

Once a week on a Wednesday night, around 30 RAID participants and 6 -10 volunteers from Radford College turn up to play basketball in the Radford College gym. There are two games played, beginners and intermediate, and participants are placed into the game that best suits their level of skill and pace.

The game is played with modified rules to include all players in a team. The Radford student volunteers participate in the games, pass the ball around, coach, and partner up with participants who need that little bit of extra encouragement, pep talking and generally fostering a positive team spirit and ensuring each RAID player has equal participation.

The RAID participants are enthusiastic, noisy and competitive and for many it is the starting point of friendships that will have a significant impact on their lives. For some, this is the only social contact they have outside of their home and this opportunity to socialise is vital to reducing their sense of social isolation.

The YMCA partnership with Radford first started in 2006 when students in Radford’s Team Support Program started volunteering their time to assist with the inclusive basketball program. The presence of the Team Support students is invaluable as it infuses the program with meaningful camaraderie, friendship, fun and laughter.

RAID Membership

New participants to RAID need to first enrol before participating, and complete a medical form.

Please complete the Pre-Exercise Screening Questionnaire here


Radford College Gym

1 College Street
Bruce ACT 2617