Help us keep our children safe

The YMCA Canberra is seeking community support to help with their campaign against an amendment to a Development Application on a large residential development site next to our Early Learning Centre in Gungahlin.  Our key concerns are the risk to the safety of the children accessing our Centre due to the narrow shared driveway and increased traffic flow resulting from the proposed increase in residential and commercial units, and the waste management arrangements with large trucks accessing and blocking the driveway throughout the week. In addition to this is our concern of breaches of the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child in relation to Privacy with close to 100 units facing into the Centre.

How you can help

To help, please consider lodging a short written submission to ACT Planning before 9 June 2020. The short form linked below must include the following Development Application details:

Development Application:  207132666
Block 4, Section 224
Period for representation closes: 
9 June 2020

If you would like more information or to see the plans proposed by the developer please visit Access Canberra website and scroll to the relevant development.

Other ways you can support

  • Talk to family, friends and your community about this matter
  • Contact your local MLA
  • Share our social media posts

If you would like to speak with some at YMCA Canberra, contact Madeleine Taylor, YMCA Canberra Chief Risk Officer at or 0431 384 451.