YMCA Canberra Sailing Club have ended their 2018-19 season on a high note as the recipients of the ACT Government Sport and Recreation 2019 Capital Assistance Program Grant.  In February, at the Grant announcement, the club was represented by Rear Commodore of Marine, Eric Hines, and the Executive Manager – Health, Fitness and Recreation, Adam Horner. The match funding grant will allow the club to purchase a new ridged inflatable boat (RIB) to add to our current fleet of safety boats and assist in the growing demand at the YMCA Canberra Sailing Club and Paddle Hub.

With this additional safety vessel the YMCA Canberra Sailing Club will be able to continue providing excellent quality programs throughout the year.  This will not only support the clubs learn to sail programs and training courses, which have continued to grow this year, but also assist us with the ever growing Paddle Hub which also makes use of the safety boats.

Below: Adam Horner and Eric Hines reading over the ACT Government Sports and Recreation Grant.