YMCA Canberra Chifley Health and Wellness Centre is not like any other gym in Canberra, nor are its members.  An inclusive gym that provides support and connects our community through a common interest in physical activity, many of the members join our gym to address chronic health issues or engage in rehabilitation services.  One of the more popular members is Ben.

Ben is known as the gentle giant of the gym, at 6’’5 he’s hard to miss and once you do meet him you’ll realise he has one of the kindest souls.   He loves spending time with his family having lunch and dinner on Sundays, mainly having a steak or burger, and going to see the Raiders whenever possible. Coming to Chifley Health and Wellness Centre is an important part of Ben’s weekly routine as it gets him out of the hospital and interacting with the community.  His full of life smile and attitude gravitate people to him and he is always happy to postpone those harder exercises to meet the new person in the gym.

Ben attends Chifley Health and Wellness Centre twice a week for a one-on-one exercise physiology session with Chris and a personal training session with Louise.  His sessions consist of dexterity movements with his fingers all the way up to pulling 30 kg on the cable row.  Accessing NDIS support funding makes it possible for Ben to attend these session which are important to keep him enjoying the small things in life.

One of many of our diverse members at YMCA Canberra Chifley Health and Wellness Centre, Ben’s positive outlook on life is always great to see when he comes through the doors and adds to the fantastic community feel of our gym.