The YMCA Canberra Region has been partnering with the YMCA Canberra Runners Club (YCRC) for over 10 years. The YCRC is the largest running club in the capital, and hosts over 90 events and races throughout the year.

The Y Canberra Region is proud to have been part of this community organisation, inspiring people’s running journeys and enabling volunteers and participants to be part of these events. As the club continues to build on its long history, which pre-dates its partnership with the Y, it has come time for the club to operate as an independent entity, Canberra Runners, effectively dissolving the YCRC. The club is looking forward to launching as its own organisation where you can still be involved and continue your running journey. Find them here:

Any data, information, records and photographs have been retained with Canberra Runners to continue the history and purpose of the club. If you are unsure about your information or wish to withdraw your authorisations, please contact us at:


  • Canberra Runners has now launched as its own entity. If you have concerns over data, please submit a form below. Otherwise please find Canberra Runners at: