At the Y Canberra Region, our mission is to inspire and empower children and young people. We strive to ensure that all children have access to positive learning, development and wellbeing outcomes for school and life.

Learning at home is important to foster a child’s curiosity and allow them to continue to grow even when they aren’t at one of our centres.

Online at the Y gives children, young people and families some inspiring and engaging content to keep learning and having fun!

Our online content is updated regularly and is a collection of fun, learning activities and experiences, with categories allowing you to explore whatever you’re drawn to.
Some of the activities are designed for you to play together with your young person, or allow them to explore themselves.

Each activity has been put together by our wonderful educator team at our Early Learning Centres!

Physical Health & Wellbeing
Creativity & Arts
Literacy & Numeracy
Communication & Language
Personal, Social & Emotional
Understanding the World

Make a Banana Smoothie

Animal Sounds Obstacle Course

Hygiene Bingo

Chia Seed & Blueberry Muffins

Honey Joys

Freeze Dance

Lemonade Scones

Cinnamon Toast

Pear & Sultana Rock Cakes

Magic Dice Sandwiches

Other Activities

Hide & Seek
Play hide and seek in the house

Hand Washing Song
Make your own song to sing while washing your hands

Steps to the park
Count how many steps it takes to get from your house to the park

Make Fruit Skewers
Make fruit skewers for afternoon tea with your favourite fruit

Spring Scavenger Hunt
Create a list based on all things Spring, and see what you can find!

Draw a hopscotch on the footpath with chalk and play

How the Birds go their Colours

All About Me Hungry Caterpillar

Ice Cream Parlour Playdough

Sensory Play with Feathers

Mess Free Painting

Sensory Spring Playdough

Other Activities

Draw What You See
Look out your window and draw what you see

Footpath Drawing
Make art on the footpath with water, chalk or tanbark

Get Creative
Cut out pictures from a magazine

Create a Costume
Using recycled items from around the home, make yourself a costume!

Natural Art
Collect natural materials from around your garden and make an art piece!

Mirror Mirror
Look in a mirror and draw a self portrait of yourself

Storytime: “The Berenstain Bears”

Storytime: “We’re Going on a Bear Hunt”

Storytime: ABC Kids

Alphabet Sensory Matching Game

Colour Matching Game

Sand Tray Writing

Ice Cream Scoop Counting Game

Squishy Colour Matching Game

Other Activities

Cushion Counting
Count all the cushions that are in your house

Write Letters
Write your ABC’s with natural materials from the backyard

Sock Matching
Count all the socks in your house, then match them to their pairs!

Jump Counting
How many jumps is it from your front to your back door?

Write a Letter to a Family Member
Pick a family member you haven’t been able to visit and write them a letter

Write a Letter to your Early Learning Centre
Write to us at your Early Learning Centre about what you’ve been up to!

Tree Counting
Count how many trees you can spot through your window

Guardian Names
Learn the names of your guardian and what letter they start with

Sounds Scavenger Hunt

Floor is Lava Song

Meditation Story: Spaceship to the Moon

Learn the Taba Naba Song

But Why: A Podcast for Curious Kids

Kinderling Kids’ Radio

Other Activities

Phone Number Practice
Practise your home phone number so you know it by heart

Favourite Book
Read your favourite book

Home Address Practice
Practice remembering your home address

Sing & Play Your Own Beats
Sing a song and make up your own beats to match

Write Your Name
Practice writing your name

Who To Call?
Pick someone to call and say hello to today

Learn How to Say “Hello” in 10 Languages
Using Google Translate, choose 10 languages, and learn how to say “Hello” in all of them

Photo Stories
Look at a photo and make up a story to go with it

Sing a Song
Sing your favourite song to someone in your house today

Create and tell your own bedtime story

Let’s Meditate

“The Giving Song”

Cosmic Kids’ Yoga

Make Sensory Bottles

When I’m Feeling Jealous Story

When I’m Feeling Happy Story

When I’m Feeling Angry Story

When I’m Feeling Loved Story

When I’m Feeling Sad Story

Bucket Filling Story

Spiderman Cosmic Yoga

Yoga For Babies

Other Activities

Find a Safe Space
Find a place where you feel safe in your house

What Are You Grateful For?
Make a list of 3 things you feel grateful for today

Mimic Feelings in a Mirror
Show your feelings and emotions in the mirror

Help Someone in Your House
How can you help out someone in your house today?

Bath Your Toys
Wash your toys in a bubble bath

Feed the Caterpillar

Patty Pan Flowers

Create a Weather Chart

Hello From Around the World Song

Community Helpers – Doctors

20 Things to do in Spring

Soda Bottle Composting

What Melts in the Sun?

Other Activities

“I Spy” Game
Play I Spy through your window or in your backyard

Pick Up Rubbish on Your Walk
On your walk today, pick up any rubbish you see.

Identify Five Safe People
Write down the five people who are safe for you

Give your Neighbour a Letter
Write a letter to your neighbour and drop it in their mailbox

Door Decorations
Get creative and decorate your bedroom door

Rock Artwork
Paint a rock and put it somewhere in your community on your walk

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